Is it possible to convince the hedonistic, party-minded revelers at Cannes to embrace tranquility, balance and well-being? We think so.
 This official Cannes Lions event was promoted with a video posted on Facebook.
 Themed as a "Wellness Moment," free paddleboard rides were offered to the thousands of 2015 Cannes Lions and Lions Health Festival delegates invading the French Riviera.
 Once the word got out, the campaign went viral on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
 Cannes Lions sent out electronic invitations to all individuals registered to attend the festival.
 Promotional flyers were also given out to festival attendees in need of a reprieve from the round-the-clock events, happenings and parties.
 Shared content swayed hesitant delegates on the restorative results of a 30-minute paddle ride in the deep blue sea off the Côte d'Azur.
 Enthusiastic delegates arrived in groups to ride the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.
 Who says the tranquility of wellness can't be found within the debauchery of Cannes?
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